Adfore Technologies Ltd.

Context aware mobile marketing solution

For brick-and-mortar store marketers, who need new mobile solutions to attract consumers. Our product is a context aware mobile marketing solution that provides the most user friendly experience. Unlike general search offered by Google, the market leader, our solution provides the most accurate and relevant information to the consumer.

Our flagship product, Tässä.fi Finland is a user-driven, end-to-end solution for hyperlocal, context-aware mobile advertising. It aims to provide the most accurate and relevant situational information at hand for the consumer. In addition to pinpointing topical points-of-interest in the vicinity, it keeps the user up-to-date on his or her favorite shops, weather & road conditions, local news etc.

In order to deliver a best-of-breed mobile experience to the user, a wide range of cutting-edge technologies is being utilized: handset positioning techniques (GPS, motion sensors), geofencing, iBeacons, Eddystone beacons, NFC. The user interface is tailored just-in-time for each perceived situation. Tässä.fi strives for zero-click user experience: when the app is opened, the most relevant information should be already on the start screen. Download the app from your app store.

Contact information

Markus Tallgren, CEO